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Ode to a bench.

Paint color is Nautica Paint Living Coral.
Bench at The Hive by Honey Bee Hideaways.

This post is less about the actual building of this bench and more about appreciating it and finding ways to give old things new life. This bench was found abandoned in a dumpster behind a bar. We needed some yard furniture, so brought it home and gave it some TLC.

The bench had some...ahem...character when we got it since its previous life was at a bar. It was a lot of fun scraping gum off the bottom....not really. We then painted it PANTONE 17-5641 Emerald because it was 2013 and it was the color of the year.

Honey and Rouge enjoying the bench when it was Pantone Emerald.

When we moved to Branson, we had difficulty finding a place for this beloved bench. I enjoyed it on our front porch, but it was a little to big there. The bench eventually got moved to the side of the house, where it sat and fell into some disrepair. I know, I feel terrible about it too.

When looking for outdoor furniture for the deck at The Hive, I just couldn't seem to find the right thing. Then I remembered my bench. I loved the bench enough that I didn't get rid of it, but I also was not using it. I decided to share my wonderful big bench with our guests. In the process of getting it to the condo, one of the back legs snapped off. If you sat on the bench, you may have fallen through. This thing needed some love. So I purchased some lumber and got busy fixing it up and giving it a new life. Please share any projects that you saved or rebuilt. Guests--please share any pics or memories you have of this bench!

Another picture of the rebuilt bench. It is ready for naps.

Relaxing on the bench at The Hive. It is such a great place to relax. I spent 10 minutes here when I took this pic and saw two bunnies and a hummingbird.

The paint color I used on the bench. I got it at Menards.

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