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DIY Up-cycled Dog Bag Dispenser

The completed project

I never seem to have enough of these dispensers but I always have extra rolls of dog bags. I wanted to find a way to make some extra dispensers that was easy and cost effective. This project ended up being really cost effective because I already had everything needed at my house. I actually like this dispenser more than some of my purchased ones because it is easier to change the rolls out. Let’s get started.


-An old pill bottle (get one of the bigger bottles and make sure the roll of dog bags fits inside)

-Paint (I used nail polish because I wanted glitter, next time I will just use spray paint)

-Paracord (or any type of string/rope/whatever you have)

-Clip (optional - you could also just use your cord and tie it to the leash)

-Dremel tool with plastic cutter bit (like I used on the dog bowl project)

-Some sandpaper

As always—safety first. Put on those classy safety glasses and follow the safety directions for using a Dremel tool and whatever paint you choose.

Start by cleaning the bottle up. Remove the label and any residue adhesive. Goo-gone works good for stubborn labels.

Get out the Dremel tool and put on your safety glasses. Cut a small slit in the side of the bottle. Also drill or poke a couple of holes in the lid.

How it should look after cutting

Now that you’ve got it cut, it’s time to paint. Sand the edges of your cut to dull them and lightly sand the outside of the bottle so the paint will stick. Wipe away the dust and paint with your choice of paint. The dispenser that is pictured was painted with nail polish because I am in a cast so I thought nail polish would be easier and I wanted glitter. It was kind of a pain and I don’t recommend it, but it did come out really pretty. Next time I will spray paint it, but if you want to use nail polish go for it. Don’t say I didn’t warn you though 😜

During the painting process

Once the paint is dry, tie your rope/paracord/string through the lid. I used paracord because I already had some and I know how to make several types of knots with it. Honestly though, you can use whatever. Once your rope is attached to the lid, insert your roll of dog bags and screw the lid on. Happy dog walking!

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