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DIY Felt Flower Wreath

The fall wreath with some Honey Bee pizzazz on it.

It’s fall and that means it’s time to break out pumpkin spice everything! I love that felt is fuzzy and invokes feelings of warmth. I also love hand making flowers. So to help decorate the units for fall I decided to make some flowers out of felt and use them to make a beautiful wreath. So in this post I am going to show you how to make some of these awesome flowers and put them together for a wreath. I chose these colors because I wanted it to be a fall wreath, but I think you can use what I show you today, alter the colors a bit and get a wreath for any season...I may have to make some Christmas ones. Lets get started:


-Felt--I used two sheets of each color but I was making 2 wreaths.

I would get at least one sheet in every color you want.

This project's colors are: burnt orange, plum, mauve, peach, cream, rust/brown, a light

blue-green (yellow, black, & white if you want to make the bee)

-Ribbon-I had some green and burlap


-Glue gun--I use a low temp but you can use whatever you want

-Hot glue--I use Gorilla Hot Glue Sticks

-Wreath--I found the rope one at Hobby Lobby next to the paracord

-Paper bag--Optional

-Brush marker--Optional

-Sola Flowers--Totally optional--I had some on had so used them to fill in but it was also

really cute without them

I am now going to try to step you through how I make some of the flowers. My directions will probably be a little vague because you don't have to measure anything. This is not an exact science and I personally like it when the flowers do not come out perfect because that is closer to how they would appear in nature.

The first flower I'm going to show you is the little pom pom looking ones. On the above wreath you can see them in the center of some of the flowers. They are also helping fill in the center of the wreath. Make your strips of felt for these all different widths, you want the ones for flower centers to be smaller than the filler ones.

Cut a strip of felt and fold it in half. I like to glue the edges together so its a bit easier to handle while cutting and assembling.

Begin cutting little strips. Do not cut all the way to the edge and keep the cuts somewhat evenly spaced.

Once you have the little cuts, start rolling it. I lay a bead of glue on the solid edge and then begin rolling. I only glue about 2 inches at a time so the glue stays hot.

If you would rather have fringe pieces sticking up instead of loops, simply reverse the fold and cut strips into the 2 edges instead of the loop part.

You can use this rolling method to make a variety of different flowers or leaves simply by cutting different styles of fringe. Here I used a strip of felt that was about 4 inches wide. Once I cut the fringe I added pointed tips and rolled it up. The finished product can be seen in that top wreath pic. Its on the left edge of the wreath.

Another thing you can do with these? Stretch the felt a bit, or don't! It is totally up to you! I personally like to stretch it a bit to loosen it up.

So do you have the pom pom and fringe flowers mastered?

Of course you do because you are amazing! Lets move on to spiral flowers.

Cut out a circle and then cut a spiral into the center. Make your cuts wavy or straight--they both make cute flowers!

Then start gluing! Start in the center and work your way out. Again, only put glue in small sections so it stays hot.

The back will look something like this. Not pretty. I usually cut a circle of felt and glue it on the back of these to have a nice clean surface to work with.

That is it for spiral flowers!! So simple! So pretty!

Now, for the final flower in this project, the one with petals. This one is pretty easy. You can make the center of the flower however you want. I like to make a small pom pom flower to put in the center. Seriously though, put whatever you want. Cut a circle out of felt and put in there. Glue a button in the center. I made some of these for a wedding bouquet and glued brooches in the middle. Get creative!

To get the petals, I fold a strip of felt in half. This is kind of like cutting hearts out only you want to cut an oval petal shape. I don't know what it looks like, a nutter butter, a malt cup spoon...I must be hungry. Anyway, get 4 sets of petals and attach them together by putting a small dot of glue in the center. Once they are stacked, add your center.

Don't skip this step--this is where the magic happens. Grab a petal and stretch it with your finger. Pull it different directions. This will help the felt curl and make it look more like a real flower.

Got petal flowers mastered?

Positive affirmations--I know you have it mastered because you are a boss ;)

Get a good mix of flowers. I like to make a bunch in different styles, shapes, sizes and colors before I start on my project. I don't go into a project thinking I need a certain type of flower in a certain size or color. I simply just start making flowers. I let myself be creative. I play with different textures, colors, cuts. The entire point of this is to have fun (well and get a cute wreath I guess).

To make the Happy Fall text I used this nifty punch with a brown grocery bag and used a brush marker to free hand my text.

Before I glue flowers on, I lay them out on the wreath to get the general placement I want. Once I decide where everything goes, I start gluing it down. Don't forget to add something to the top of the wreath to hang it. Once I had all my felt flowers glued I added some sola flowers. I already had these on hand and liked the extra texture it added, but do not feel like you have to do the same.

I hope you enjoy this project and tutorial. If you have any questions please leave in the comments below. If you end up making some of your own flowers post the pics! I want to see them and how you used them!!

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Sep 06, 2018

Please go easy on me if there are typos and grammar errors. There was a text predictor thing on so it kept changing my words and adding random capital letters. I tried to fix things, but I am sure I missed some stuff :)

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